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The Shaw Guild
PO Box 83
Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
L0S 1J0 Canada

Executive Committee

President, Laurie Harley president@shawguild.ca

Vice President, Alan Walker info@shawguild.ca


Past President, Julian Rance pastpresident@shawguild.ca


Treasurer, Joe Allevato treasurer@shawguild.ca

Secretary, Mary Mizen secretary@shawguild.ca

Hosting Chair, Greg Fedoryn hosting@shawguild.ca

Greeting Chair, Marg Mather greeters@shawguild.ca

Activities Chair, Brenda Weafer activities@shawguild.ca

Membership Chair, Susan MacDonald membership@shawguild.ca

Fundraising Chair, Cheryl Penman fundraising@shawguild.ca

Shaw Theatre Gardens Chair, Paddy Parr gardens@shawguild.ca

Communications Chair / My Volunteer Page, Cheryl Morris info@shawguild.ca